About Us

My name is Rick Smith.  Owner and artisan at The Booga Box.  My love for chainmaille came about over 25 years ago.  Didn't get a lot of time back then as kid 1, kid 2 and then kid 3 came along.  So through the years I would still dabble in it when ever I had odd wire show up.  Be it bailing wire or just normal split rings.  Then about 5 years ago now (2012) I finally started getting proper supplies and away I went.  Making things for the kids, my wife, family and friends.  Everyone loved it.  Was often asked by friends if I was ever gonna start selling it.  A little more time passed, making more and more.  Then I realized I just couldn't stop making chainmaille.  I had more and more stuff, filling all the rooms in the house with something I made.  Maybe I should give it a try.  The Booga Box was born. 

The name "The Booga Box" is a play on a nickname I got about 25 years ago during my R/C racing days. In those days, everyone knew me as Buga. Everyone also knew about The Buga Box. I used to have a box of broken, almost broken, found and used R/C parts. If someone needed something they couldn't find anywhere, they would just come up and ask if they could rummage through The Buga Box. Whenever I walked into the raceway, there would be the sound “BUGAAAAAAA!!!”  It seemed only natural that, when I started the chainmaille business, I used the name that was so familiar to the people I know. So I took out the U and put in a couple of Os to make it a little easier for the general public to pronounce (after all...it isn't “BUGa” like an insect lol) and away I went.

We are still a small family business, but slowly growing.  Hitting as many local events as we can.  Always looking for new ones to get into.  I like to spend my time just trying new and creative ways to use chainmaille and chainmaille supplies.  Sometimes I might spend hours working on something and it just never works.  Other times the hours payoff with something new. 

We hope you enjoy our chainmaille items and thank you for stopping by our website. 

Rick Smith

Owner, The Booga Box